Twins Take On… New York – Angelos of Mulberry Street

Now this place is a must if you are ever in New York, Angelos Of Mulberry Street is set in the beautiful rustic part of Little Italy in NYC. It is one of our favourite Italian restaurants to visit when in New York. It is on a beautiful street filled with life and an old school Italian feel. The place itself is so authentic and traditional it reminds us of back home in Italy. The restaurant is owned by close friends of ours The Twins Teresa and Nicole off the hit reality tv show The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

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Now back to the restaurant… As you walk in to the restaurant you really feel like you are in Italy with the amazing atmosphere, decor and glorious smell of Italian food being cooked. The staff are so welcoming on arrival and the place is full of Italians and they make you feel right at home. This place is how Italian restaurants really should be, full of atmosphere and character and make you feel like family as soon as you walk through the door.

As we sat down we are served with rustic Italian bread that tastes just like back home and we order our drinks for our meal and some Italian cocktails. We will be doing a feature on Italian cocktails in the near future which you do not want to miss so keep an eye out for that one. For starters we ordered calamari fritti (fried calamari) and Cozze Santa Lucia (mussels in garlic and white wine sauce). We loveeeeeee calamari and always try it at each restaurant we go to and this calamari was perfectly cooked as it should be. The mussels were also cooked perfectly and tasted amazing, great choice. In America calamari fritti is usually served with a spicy marinara sauce instead of a garlic mayonnaise as they do in the UK but both we think work well.

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For the mains we had spaghetti and meatballs as you do 🙂 and the Ravioli Ripieni Di Aragoste (Lobster Ravioli with shrimps and radicchio in a vodka sauce). You can always tell a good Italian restaurant if they do good meatballs and Ravioli and they were just perfect. The Ravioli was soft and thin and perfectly cooked in a very tasty sauce with shrimps packed full of flavour that married well with the lobster. The meatballs were soft and tender and melted in the mouth in a classic tomato sauce. As in America portion sizes are always bigger as you can see from the photos so it’s a good job we love to eat 🙂

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They have a great wine list to choose from and we opted for the Chianti Riserva, Cantina Di Montalcino which was bold and full of flavour and accompanied the dishes very well.

For dessert we had cannoli which is a Sicilian dessert consisting of a tube-shaped shell made of fried pastry dough filled with a sweet creamy filling usually of ricotta or mascarpone. This was delicious and the texture of the filling was just right, a great dessert to finish.  We ordered espresso to end the meal as we always do. It’s the Italian way.


The service at Angelo’s is second to none and the staff are very helpful and attentive nothing is too much. You can also order off the menu if you desire but with the already great menu choice we don’t think you would need to, it has everything you would want from a traditional authentic Italian restaurant. We can’t recommend this place enough and is a must go to if you are ever in New York.

We want to thank Teresa and Nicole for always looking after us when we are in New York and making us feel like family. We look forward to next time at Angelos Of Mulberry Street.


Angelo’s of Mulberry Street
146 Mulberry Street
New York, NY 10013


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