Alberti’s Drunken Cherries

Alberti’s Drunken Cherries Patience is a virtue… Cherry season is short and sweet but you can preserve the delicious summer flavor for a year-round treat by making your own cherry liquor. This is something that always comes out when we visit family in Italia, every Nonnas house will be sure to have one hiding away in the cupboard. This liqueur is usually stored for years … Continue reading Alberti’s Drunken Cherries

Gnocchi con pollo e funghi

Gnocchi con pollo e funghi – Gnocchi with chicken and mushrooms in a beautiful cream sauce. This is comfort food at it’s best and very easy and quick to make. Indulgent, moreish, very fulfilling and always leaves you wanting more… Ingredients 500g Gnocchi 5 garlic cloves finely chopped 300ml Double/heavy cream Extra virgin olive oil Salt & Pepper 5 Chestnut Mushrooms or fresh Porcini mushrooms … Continue reading Gnocchi con pollo e funghi