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Focaccia Barese

Focaccia Barese The focaccia is the snack for excellence of Bari.¬†Typical of the Puglia region, there is no time of day when it is more appropriate to eat it, in fact in the city’s bakeries it is ready from the first morning and the scent it emanates spreads on the street. With a crispy edge and soft spongy centre it is unrivalled. Ingredients 200g/2 cups … Continue reading Focaccia Barese

Twins Take On… Fabulous Focaccia

Fabulous Focaccia¬† This is one of our favourite types of bread to make. Easy to make and extremely delicious. Your family is going to love this. Perfect for dipping into balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil and for mopping up our Italian sauce. Ingredients 7 tablespoon of Extra Virgin Olive Oil 10g Caster Sugar 7g Fast action dried Yeast 300ml Warm water 500g ’00’ … Continue reading Twins Take On… Fabulous Focaccia