Alberti’s Christmas Crema

Alberti’s Christmas Crema A satisfying dessert that’s a cross between a mousse and a cheesecake filling. Quick and easy to make and a perfect ending to a great meal. Serves 4-6 Ingredients 500g ricotta 250g mascarpone 125g caster sugar 4 tbsp Marsala wine 125ml Italian espresso Coffee beans, to decorate Method Put the ricotta and mascarpone in a large bowl and whisk quickly, until smooth. … Continue reading Alberti’s Christmas Crema

Twins Take On… Alberti’s Amazing Almond Biscotti

Alberti’s Amazing Almond Biscotti… Biscotti means twice cooked in Italian… These crunchy, sweet Italian treats date back to the 13th Century. The dough is baked in a log, then cut up into slices and baked again so they dry and crisp up, hence the name biscotti, which means ‘twice cooked’. There are many different ways to flavour your biscotti. Delicious with tea or coffee, you … Continue reading Twins Take On… Alberti’s Amazing Almond Biscotti

Twins Take On… English Italian Awards

Welcome to the English Italian Awards… What are the English Italian Awards? The English Italian Awards is an event dedicated to recognising and rewarding Italian communities across England with the event being held in September 2015 in Manchester for the very first time. Italian Communities across the UK are a vital and integral part of our hospitality industry; everyone has their own personal favourite Italian, … Continue reading Twins Take On… English Italian Awards