Alberti’s Love Potion

Alberti’s Love Potion A magical love potion to arouse your passion! With it’s intense flavour and vibrant red colour and slight bitterness from the blood orange, this is the most beautiful and romantic cocktail out there. One sip of this and the first person you lay your eyes on, you will fall in love with… So be careful! Ingredients 2 oz/60ml blood orange juice 2 … Continue reading Alberti’s Love Potion

Twins Take On… Italian Cocktails & Liqueurs

In Italy, drinking is all about the life around you… There’s nothing like a sip of pleasantly bitter Campari or a palate-cleansing Aperol Spritz before an Italian meal. Now in Italy, an aperitivo is an alcoholic drink taken before a meal to stimulate the appetite. This is very common in Italy. From old standbys like negronis to new twists on Italian classics, we’ve rounded up … Continue reading Twins Take On… Italian Cocktails & Liqueurs